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Why I will NEVER trust him

You are a liar
You are manipulative
You cheat on all your girlfriends
You are incapable of feeling
You are incapable of change
You are an emotional user
You are an emotional abuser
You are emotionally selfish
You are sexually selfish
You are a serial dater
You are a serial time waster
You are procrastinator
You are needy
You are self-serving
You are a commitment-phobe
You thought I was your whore
You never respected me
You secretly hated me
You cannot be trusted
You thought I'd always want you
Everytime you made me feel small
Everytime you made me feel insecure
Everytime you made me feel like I deserved it
Everytime you gave me false hope
Everytime you ignored my wishes
Everytime you used me for sexual attention
Everytime I cried
Evertime you manipulated me
Everytime you refused to stop contacting me
You don't know the meaning of boundaries
You casually alter history when it depicts you in a poor light
You foolishly believed I would wait for you
You foolishly believe that I still had feelings for you
You foolishy thought a better man wouldn't right your wrong
You don't know how to have a platonic friendship
You always thought I wanted your nudes
You thought I wanted your sexual attention despite telling you otherwise
You never cared enough about to me to LEAVE me alone, when I demanded